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Try using education marketing videos with digital publishing for impact. Turbo charge school PR marketing with videos embedded in a online prosepctus.  Ensure this media is fully optimised and supported by search engine analytics. This specialist education marketing service is another channel to raise awareness, manage your reputation and to broadcast your success.

Charity And Education PR Marketing Solutions

Mobile phones

There is a dramatic increase in the use of video on mobile platforms. Take advantage now. Responsive media content produced here.

Tablet devices

Although tablets sales are declining compared to the booming smart phone market you still need content suitable for all devices.


School marketing works well on mobile phones with high levels of engagement.. Is your Internet marketing and social media ubiquteous?


My school photography uses the best media mix. Technology continues to transform all forms of school marketing and social media.



PR video marketing (CLICK) benefits and impacts on the bottom line with:

1. Evergreen, cost-effective, content lasts forever.
2. Education videos educate, informs, engages and inspires.
3. Easily integrated for social media sharing across multiple channels.
4. Your content is easily shared.
5. It is mobile friendly.
6. Video is where customers spend their time.
7. Your content is easily measurable with analytics- only pay for results.
8. Videos are about selling your story to win sales.
9. It is only one click away from your call-to-action - ‘Buy’, Sign Up etc.
10. Your competitors are using video.
11. Your video allows you to compete with the best online
12. Video content from your business is easily searchable

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